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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Andekan Revit Content Starter Packs [Revit Content]

You see, it's not just me that thinks Andekan's Revit Family Content Packs are really an incredible bargain. Steve Stafford at RevitOpEd just blogged about Andekan too.

Do the math. You're paying someone $50,000/year at your architecture firm. You can't just have anyone making content. Some of the more complex objects, like just about every MEP piece, requires a higher level Revit users to create the objects. Well, you can have someone with no idea how to use Revit figure it out eventually, but it's certainly not going to be parametric, isn't going to have all of the proper field names, the file size is probably going to be 4mb per piece, it won't have the information necessary to be usable for any kind of building system integration and calculation or any of another 20 things that you get with Andekan high level of quality.

So, back to the value. If you're paying someone $50,000/year to create content, it's going to take about 4 hours per piece if it's really built well, fully parametric and has actual parametric field names and contains manufacturer specific data and contains appropriate MEP connectors.

At that rate, your content creator can only make about 500 pieces per year.

52 weeks * 40 hours / 4 hours/piece = 520 pieces made per year.

$50,000 / 520 pieces = $96.15 cost per piece.

Wow, about $100 per piece. Now don't forget, you're only getting 2 pieces per day. I'm sure all of the other project team members can just sit there and wait for each piece to come out of your Revit factory. This doesn't even consider billable time as Steve mentions below. I'm using your actual labor cost. If someone bills out at $150/hour, that's $312,000 per year. That'd make each piece worth $600 if you used billable rate to calculate your year's worth of 520 objects. Even more reason to call Andekan right this second.

The beauty of outsourcing your content creation to Andekan gives you several advantages.

  • Speed: Because of the size and sophistication of their company, you can get 100 pieces in days, not weeks or months.
  • Quality: Because they're just simply the best, there are no worries that a manufacturer specific piece of content won't have everything you need. Their content is guaranteed to work.
  • Price: $3999 / 702 objects = $5.69 per family type object. Compare that to your $100/piece
  • Resources: Wouldn't you rather have your best Revit people working on the model where they can be the most effective?
  • Parametrics: Go over to Andekan.com and download some of their samples. I'm truly in awe of the real life objects they've recreated.
  • ROI: More and better content means less drafting time, more automatically scheduled items, better coordination and that just means more profit for your company.
  • Quality Control: Do you really want all of your designers downloading content from Revit City, TurboSquid and Seek on their own? Who's controlling what content goes into your projects? One bad piece of content can crash a Revit model. There really need to be controls over who can add the content to the model and where you get it from. With Andekan's content, the file size is small, the parametrics are exact and you get piece of mind and piece of content. By the way, this one is about another 10 whole blog posts on their own.
  • Time: Instead of searching all over the internet for content, if you had a credit pack agreement with Andekan, they'll make you any custom piece and have it to you very quickly. Just tell them what you need, even send them a Sweets Catalog page and you can go back to work and off the internet.
It's like looking in the yellow pages for a surgeon. How do you really know what you're getting if you outsource to just anybody. How do you even know internally if your own people are giving you the best content. As more and more people start using Revit, how do you know if that plumbing valve was created by an engineer or an intern? Now, let's consider sharing the model with other consultants. You really start to lose quality control. The BIM Manager really needs to step in and get involved.

Lastly, let's say you don't need an entire Andekan Starter Pack. Call or email them. They can give you any individual piece or a mini pack. Their credit packs are a great way to get started.
Call them today. You've really got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Here's Steve's blog post: http://revitoped.blogspot.com/2009/07/andekan-starter-packs.html
Also, don't forget to visit Steve's RevitInside.com blog if you are looking for Revit consultants or want to get your Revit firm listed.

Having been involved with content for the last 3 years, I've learned a lot about it. You all know we need more content. I even have a great idea for you all to profit from Revit content, but that's a whole other blog post.

Lastly, don't forget to get Andekan's free family, Andy and Ann Kan. They're free and amazing. When I say family, they're actual people, sitting, standing, walking. Make Andekan's family part of your family.

Revit OpEd: Andekan Starter Packs: "Andekan Starter Packs
Andekan recently posted some Starter Packs. There are US and UK plumbing packs, an IKEA product pack and a Victaulic pipe fitting pack for metric and one for imperial.

Now before you pass out when you see the price for a pack do some math. For example the US Plumbing pack sells for $3999.00 and there are 67 families that represent 702 models/types. This works out to about $59 per family.

Consider what you normally charge per hour (billable work) for your most knowledgeable Revit user. If your user can build one of these in just one hour how does that stack up? If it compares well, then let them try...if they give up...give Andekan a call. If the pack doesn't thrill you then you can look at an ala carte approach instead.

I first read about this at Alan's blog. Thanks for the post!"


DoTheBIM,  July 31, 2009 at 10:05 AM  

That's some very misleading/bad math. Making types is just data entry and doesn't take 4 hours each. Using REAL life math rather than salesman math... 520 families that you want and work with your office standards (not counting all the by-product types that you'll get) hardly compares to 67 families that might work with office standards and you'd be paying for stuff that you don't want as well. 67 families*4 hours /40 hours/week = 6.7 weeks.
6.7 weeks/52 weeks * $50,000 = $6442.30
$6442.30-$3999=$2443.30 savings with adekan. But that doesn't take into consideration that only half those familes may be of use to you. Hardly a no brainer.

Love the blog, Hate the math logic.

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