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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Choosing the Right Revit Partner Makes All the Difference

Well, just when I thought it couldn't get any better than being quoted in Jeff Yoder's article, along comes this little tidbit from my favorite national Revit MEP customer. It's stuff like this that really makes it all worthwhile. I was discussing with my wife tonight what really makes me happy and motivates me about being an Autodesk reseller.

After a conversation I had this morning, which coincidentally involved fresh air intake, cooling, energy management, LEED, facility management, Revit and BIM consulting, I figure it out. I love making a difference. To be able to have an intelligent conversation and discuss the various technology options available to a customer and have them actually see on their own that Revit really is the best business decision that they can make.

I love being able to provide a different perspective from every other 'AutoCAD salesman' and tie in all of my experience, background, passion and the last 5 years of listening, learning, leading and LEEDing and really make a difference in the AEC industry. I used to be 'opinionated about BIM' and now it turns out, I've been right all along. It's really nice to be validated by the leaders in the industry. My subscriber list grows every day. I've had over 135,000 visitors in the last year and I wonder every day where they all come from and what they think. Well, below is the result of all of the above and with the help of a really incredible team of people at CADD Centers, we've really made a difference at a BIM firm. Ken, thank you for your kind words. It's only going to get better. I love our partnership and companies like yours really make it worthwhile to keep pushing BIM forward.


For the past couple of years we have been partnering with a company in Florida called CADD Centers, Gregory Arkin being our key contact. You may know him from his blog www.Revit3d.com. For those of you who know Gregory, he is very passionate about his work, which happens to be anything tied to Revit and BIM. Once we started training with our new partners at the CADD Centers, everything started clicking (literally). We began by training our users the Revit basics with a three day on-site class for which we flew the trainer to St. Louis. We then followed up with an advanced class, as well as a Revit Family creation and editing course.

Once the training was complete we were at a crossroads: Trained users, but no project to start. Our Revit team met monthly to try to determine projects that we could target, but were struggling with the Owners, Clients and Designers on various items. The project was either too big, too small, too complex, or not complex enough. We just could never get the go-ahead until recently.

We have just completed a full Revit MEP project partnering with SOA architects. The project was a great success that I would like to share with you. It has been over a year since the original Revit training. Our Revit team was working on families and training models to stay involved, but we had no actual projects, so most of the hands-on training was lost or forgotten. We had to do something to get everyone back on track short of retraining the users. We contacted Gregory at CADD Centers of Florida and discussed our solution to have the trainers online with a live webcast while working on the billable project to save us money and time, and by only covering the areas we needed.

The plan was implemented, and the training (or work sessions) was scheduled for the beginning and end of the project. This way, we could get started on the project and have time to create a list of problems or areas that need to be addressed to maximize our time with the trainer. We would have another remote session again at the end of the project so we could address all of the outstanding questions to ensure that the final deliverables were complete.

With Joe Vivirito running the sessions from the CADD Centers side, the process worked very well. Joe is another passionate individual who is driven by Revit knowledge and challenges. If you have a problem, Joe will find an answer. For collaboration purposes, we put all of the users in a conference room with a phone and projection screen so Joe could share his computer screen with us. With these simple capabilities, Joe was able to spend three days helping our guys through the Design Development phase of the project to get everyone’s deliverables out the door. This was a great approach; we were not only learning, but doing, while on a billable project, hence creating a small return on investment. We then repeated the process with an additional two-day training webcast for the final document review before the project went out the door. The overall process was a great success due to the dedicated MEP Revit users along with the partnership of CADD Centers, proving that choosing the right Revit partner really makes the difference.

If you are at all concerned with putting out a Revit project because the training needs to be refreshed, or the confidence is not quite there, I have three words for you “GO FOR IT.” Take that step. You can always give CADD Centers of Florida a call. I can speak from first hand experience that they have the capabilities, KNOWLEDGE and drive to make your project a success. They are very professional with a professional and positive attitude; no problem is too small or too large. Another very compelling reason for us to work with CADD Centers is that they’re the only reseller we’ve come across who’s an IES and Ecotect reseller. With Gregory being a general contractor and LEED AP and Joe’s 30 years of training experience, CADD Centers fits in perfectly with our commitment to sustainability and LEED certified projects. If you have any training sessions just call CADD Centers, 800.222.4889 x127 and I’m sure Gregory or Joe would love to hear from you.

Posted on July 17, 2009 09:25 by Ken Schriever


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