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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Developer Bruce Ratner doesn't offer renderings of Atlantic Yards plan

Sounds like a job done in AutoCAD. No renderings? Gotta love the 2D workflow and process. Sucks? You betcha! Someone tell Mr. Ratner that he needs to hire one of you Revit firms out there. They just don't get it do they? Well, since they didn't use Frank Gehry because he was too expensive, I'm sure some AutoCAD LT using firm got the project because they spent such little money on their technology. I can't wait to see the millions in change orders on this massive project. Any bankruptcy and construction litigation lawyers out there just waiting for this project to fail? BIM BIM BIM!!!!!! Why don't these developers have any idea how the technology their design team uses makes such a huge difference in the project. Oh well.

Thursday, July 30th 2009, 4:00 AM

Fevelo for News

Bruce Ratner isn't required by law to show images of the project before the final vote, as long as design guidelines are met.

State officials are set to vote on the latest version of developer Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards project in September - even if they don't know what it looks like.

At a raucous hearing Wednesday, critics ripped into the Empire State Development Corp. for allowing Ratner to move forward without producing renderings of the new Nets arena and the 16 towers he plans to build in Prospect Heights.

"We are being asked to comment on a phantom project, to review a project without being able to view the project plans. This is beyond ludicrous," said Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn spokesman Daniel Goldstein.

Since star architect Frank Gehry was booted from the project to save money, the Kansas City firm Ellerbe Beckett has been working to design a stripped-down arena for the Nets.

"The design is not complete yet," Forest City Ratner Executive Vice President MaryAnne Gilmartin said last week, adding that renderings would be released in September or October.

But Gilmartin also said the developer may not put out the images before the board votes - and doesn't have to.

ESDC counsel Steve Matlin agreed, saying Ratner isn't required by law to show images of the project before the final vote, as long as design guidelines are followed.

But Assemblyman Jim Brennan (D-Kensington) said ESDC was breaking the rules by moving the project forward without a design plan or a new environmental study. "You've violated the rights of New Yorkers," he said at the hearing.

"The state is imposing this project on the community without its consent."

Gilmartin also insisted the project will look nothing like images circulating publicly that have been compared to a barn or an airplane hangar.

"They were placeholders," she said. "Forest City is confident that this is going to be a serious architectural statement."

Hundreds of supporters and opponents faced off at the rowdy hearing Wednesday, with union workers and affordable housing advocates who back the plan breaking into chants of "Build it now!" and taunting opponents to "Go home."

Nearly drowned out by a chorus of cheers and boos - and one heckler calling him a "big fat slob" - Borough President Marty Markowitz reiterated his support for the project.

"I still believe this is a project that will benefit Brooklyn for years to come. I believe those opposing it today will come to support it," he said. "This is the right project in the right place and finally at the right time."

There will be a second public hearing today at 2 p.m.


seandburke July 30, 2009 at 3:50 PM  

OK, so I agree the developer is trying to pull a fast one on the public. But let's not just assume this is a 2D junk job.

I seriously doubt Ellerbe Beckett is an "AutoCAD LT" firm. They've been building stadiums for a very long time, and several budget conscious projects I know of have been very successful.

Look before you leap.

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