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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I need your help. Tools4Revit - Building Information Detailing Plugin Survey

Tools4Revit.com is Releasing BID next week. Considering how things are in the US economy and specifically in the A/E environment, since I'm the US distributor, they asked me for some feedback on pricing for the plugin. I figured I'd go right to the source and ask all of you what you thought. My only request is that you don't lowball the number thinking that it will affect the price. It's not a bidding war, but we're trying to get a feel for the sweetspot. I'm thinking that worst case, maybe there could be a recession promotional price and when things get better, it won't be as painful to add this and our other software tools to help my your Revit modeling easier.

So, please look at the videos below by clicking on the links. At a minimum, just look at the first two. (Yes, this is a repeat from a previous blog posting a few weeks ago).

This is really important and I don't ask much of you, so please give me 5 minutes to watch the videos and take the survey. Besides, I think you're really going to like the product.

After you look at the videos, please scroll down and complete the 60 second survey.
Depending on your browser, you may have to get the survey window to scroll down to click the submit button.

Building Information Detailing (code name Building Interior Designer) coming soon!

Short overviews:

***Insert elements
***Change parameters
Analize BIM data - Quantify elements
Analize BIM data - Update legends
Analize BIM data - Quantify wall areas
Analize .....

Make sure you click the Submit button and thanks for your time.


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