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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Please participate in online survey on use of building energy simulation

Anyone involved in LEED and sustainability, please take the survey. One, its from Harvard and two, let's be part of the process!

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You are Invited!


On behalf of the Graduate School of Design at Harvard and the Office for Sustainability, you are invited as either an owner, architect, or energy consultant, to participate in an online survey on the use of building energy simulation during design, construction and operation. A special emphasis of the survey is to better understand who on the design team owns and gets access to the energy model of a building, what role the model currently plays during building design and construction, and how the use of the model could be extended to the overall lifetime of a building.

The survey is being carried out by the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University in collaboration with the Office for Sustainability. The survey is funded through the Harvard Real Estate Academic Initiative. Our goal is to develop recommendations of how owners of large real state should interact with their building design teams to get maximum benefit from their building performance analysis contracts. We hope that your input will help us to develop recommendations that are acceptable, fair and profitable to all members of the design team.

To participate in the survey simply go to

Thank-you for your participation! Please forward the survey link to your professional networks.


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