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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Really? For 50 Cents an hour you're going to say no to Revit?

As I'm the most sophisticated Excel user in my company, I get to upload the Autodesk pricebook into our accounting system every quarter. Today begins Phase 2 of the Autodesk Retirement/Upgrade/Crossgrade Promotion.

For all 2007, 2008 and 2009 (and as of today 2010 products) from today through October 16th, there is a 20% discount (with subscription) on all current upgrades, crossgrades, and even retroactive subscription. Yes, I know we're in the middle of a recession, but it's going to end soon and business will pick up.

After March 16, 2010, all upgrades and crossgrades are 50% of retail pricing. The Revit crossgrade price below in column 3 will go from $2321 today to $3725. Finance it if you have to and spread it out over 3 years.

So, let me get to my point of this post. Below is a scenario on what it costs to own Revit over a 5 year period. If you have AutoCAD 2009 or 2010 now, we're talking about 50 cents per hour for each employee. Wow, 50 cents. That's so expensive. We can't afford that. Why does Autodesk charge so much for their software. We're going to buy from another vendor. We'll show Autodesk, we'll only upgrade once every 5 years. Yup, heard them all. What does it say about a firm who's now not willing to make that small of an investment in their staff and their technology.

Any Revit users reading this, my apologies for you having to hear this, but the longer they wait, the more business you get. For you, we'll discuss IES and Ecotect, but that's another story. Oh, by the way, same thing goes for the engineers you work with. Why the heck aren't they upgrading and moving to Revit? Let's say you hire an engineer and they budget 3 months for a project. That's 520 hours and at 50 cents/hour it's a whopping $260 worth of investment. Even if you had 5 people at the engineering firm, that's $1300. What if you gave them the extra $1300 and they did the job in Revit? How much less coordination and quality control would you have to deal with? Just an interesting way of looking at it all.

Costs based on 5 years of ownership of Autodesk products

Revit Ste Revit Ste Revit Ste Random
Version Date SW/SUB New XG ACAD 07 XG ACAD 09/10 New
R2010 7/1/10 Software $5,995 $1,836 $1,596 $4,895
R2011 7/1/10 Sub Yr 1 $725 $725 $725 $725
R2012 7/1/11 Sub Yr 2 $725 $725 $725 $725
R2013 7/1/12 Sub Yr 3 $725 $725 $725 $725
R2014 7/1/13 Sub Yr 4 $725 $725 $725 $725
R2015 7/1/14 Sub Yr 5 $725 $725 $725 $725
Total Paid $9,620 $5,461 $5,221 $8,520


1,300 1,300 1,300 1,300

10,400 10,400 10,400 10,400
Cost/Day $ 7.40 $ 4.20 $ 4.02 $ 6.55
Cost/Hour $ 0.93 $ 0.53 $ 0.50 $ 0.82


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