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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Revit Architecture 2010 (Cadalyst Labs Review) - Cadalyst AEC

Revit Architecture 2010 (Cadalyst Labs Review)
Look beyond the controversial ribbon interface and you'll find some great improvements, including gradient backgrounds, local file creation, conceptual design tools, and a flexible API.

If you've read other reviews about Revit Architecture 2010 or some of the other Autodesk 2010 products, you're aware that they have introduced a Microsoft Office-style ribbon user interface (UI). In the case of Revit, this major change has elicited outcry from many users and has overshadowed many of the other updates in the product. Indeed, there's a lot to discuss about this new UI, and I'm eager to share my impression of it.

What's New in 2010
Before I get into a discussion about the new ribbon-style UI in Revit Architecture 2010, let's first take a look at several of the other new and noteworthy features in this version.

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