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Friday, July 10, 2009

Revit OpEd: Autodesk AEC Marketing - Revit 2011 Customer Examples

Addendum 2/14/10:  If you got here by searching for Revit 2011, you're in luck.  I'll be providing up to the minute information as it becomes available.  Last year, I was the first to publish the first video of Revit 2010 and I was the first to publish the release date.
Go to www.revit3d.com/subscribe to get instant updates.  Also, you can visit www.revit2011.com which is Revit3D.com with a filter for all posts tagged 2011.


I'm reposting this one from Steve Stafford's RevitOpEd blog mostly because he mentioned Revit 2011 so I get to roll out my www.revit2011.com domain name. Don't bother clicking it as it just redirects back to Revit3D/BIMBoom. It is great though that we're starting the countdown for the next version of Revit. Hopefully all of your wishlist items will be addressed.

Friday, July 10, 2009
Autodesk AEC Marketing - Revit 2011 Customer Examples
I was contacted by Kyle Herring, he is a Solutions Marketing Manager with Autodesk. They have recently initiated a search for customer data sets that can be used to create marketing materials to support the 2011 release of Revit platform. He wanted to assure me, and you, that 'we’re not selling anything here, we simply see this as a great opportunity for Revit users to display the work that they do to a large audience in the AEC community.'

If you and your firm are interested in being part of this effort you can contact Kyle directly via EMAIL.

Posted by Steve at 8:48 AM"


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