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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

SmartBIM QTO v1.0 is now available - Reed Construction Data

Oh how I love the business of BIM. It just keeps getting better every day. Here's anothe incredible product that was just released. What better way for an architect to not have to hire a cost consultant than to use Revit and QTO. As the Florida reseller for REED, please contact me for any information and pricing.

SmartBIM QTO Empowers Architects with Early Project Estimation

SmartBIM QTO from Reed Construction Data is a cost-effective solution for Autodesk® Revit® users that provides early cost estimation for Revit projects, powered by RSMeans.

With SmartBIM QTO, the user can:

  • Instantly create a Takeoff of Revit elements, counts and measures and retrieve cost estimation with the press of a button
  • Run multiple estimates for design options and alternatives as the design changes to facilitate “what-if” scenarios
  • Manually edit cost and add lines to cost estimation to increase accuracy
  • Export data to Excel and PDF by full building, or specific Revit categories
  • Enable manufacturers, architects, engineers, contractors, and building owners to easily collaborate on costing early in the project
  • Non Revit users can open and edit Takeoff files


RSMeans is the #1 trusted name for cost in the industry. SmartBIM QTO utilizes the power of RSMeans cost data to provide early cost estimation based upon input from Revit model and cost averaging from RSMeans.


Launch SmartBIM QTO and automatically extract the Revit elements from your project with accurate counts and measures. Click a single button for an instant cost estimate.


SmartBIM QTO data can be saved to Excel or PDF format for collaboration on project costs. Extract all elements or specific categories. Takeoff file can be saved to QTO Format. Users can open and edit SmartBIM QTO Takeoff files without Revit to elaborate and refine Takeoff initially generated from the BIM model.


SmartBIM QTO allows for manual editing of any line item for increased accuracy. Users can input their own costs, or edit for further refinements from the CostWorks database. In addition, users can also add additional lines to the estimate for refinement and increased accuracy.


SmartBIM QTO’s interface includes guidelines describing best practices for modeling objects in Revit. These guidelines include modeling advice for each Revit category, recommended family and type name conventions, tips on modeling for ‘count ability’ and design representation.

Product Features

  • Cost data provided by RSMeans
  • Includes cost data by geography/zip code
  • Open, Save, Update, Export Estimates
  • Navigate estimation by entire project or by Revit categories
  • Manage changes easily through intuitive interface
  • Users can add Takeoff lines manually
  • Users can over-ride generated price with manual price or map to an underlying CostWorks line


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