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Saturday, August 29, 2009

10 Revit Tag Tips: The Revit Clinic #Revit Tips

Repost: http://revitclinic.typepad.com/my_weblog/2009/08/10-revit-tag-tips.html

Continuing the series of 10 quick tips, here are 10 tips and videos for tags in Revit. Please note the videos do not have sound and are for reference only….

1. Display the rectangular box in a door tag family

When editing a door tag and the lines around the room number are not visible, verify annotation categories are visible. Open Visibility / Graphics Overrides > Annotation Categories > check Show annotation categories in this view: Video Example

2. Cannot tag top face with spot elevation tag

If you are unable to tag a face with the spot elevation tag, verify Model Graphics Style is not set to Wireframe: Video Example

3. Section tag center line

The section callout head family center line contains a hard-coded parameter for Rotate with Section. This will allow the line to rotate with the section head. While you cannot add this to new lines, you can copy the line and modify as needed: Video Example

4. Nested annotation text readability

If you come across text that is not staying readable in families containing a nested family; verify the Keep text readable setting in the nested family: Video Example

5. Tag all multiple categories

To tag all for multiple object types, use the CTRL key to select as many categories as needed: Video Example

6. Room tag model orientation

When adding a room tag, you can specify Model orientation to have it align with model elements. Simply use the SPACE bar to toggle the elements it will be aligned to: Video Example

7. Design options and view tag visibility

To determine how view tags show when design options are in place, you can specify the visibility of a view tag in the Instance Properties: Video Example

8. Section view hide at scales coarser than

When you add a section view tag, it takes the current view scale and makes this the default for Hide at scales coarser than. This is good to keep in mind if tags drop out of a view when the scale changes: Video Example

9. Add a rotation parameter to project north symbol

To make updating a true north \ project north symbol easier, you can add a type parameter for the rotation of the symbol line: Video Example

10. Add visibility parameter to imported image in annotation family

Technical Solution

Video Example

The Revit Clinic: 10 Revit Tag Tips


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