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Saturday, August 29, 2009

6-Inch Mistake Delays SR-50/436 Project - News Story - WFTV Orlando

A 6 inch mistake? That's what she said. I mean, my wife sent this to me. I guess that makes me her BIM Beau. So we have a construction project where design, coordination and fabrication don't intersect. Welcome to the world of another costly mistake that ends up costing the taxpayers time and money.

Ok, so you may not want to switch to Revit (or perhaps Civil3D in this case), but guys, come on. Let's at least require BIM on any project that comes from taxpayer's pockets. This is getting ridiculous now. There's no reason to have the technology available and not use it where OUR money is affected and we all know how long road construction takes. Your daily commute is affected by not using BIM. If that's not a good enough reason, I don't know what is.

Posted: 5:27 pm EDT August 28, 2009Updated: 6:25 pm EDT August 28, 2009

The intersection of SR-50 and 436 is one of Orange County's busiest and it's a complete mess (see map). There are even more problems with the project, because somebody messed up a measurement.

The piece of bridge ordered for 436 and SR-50 is just a little too long. The Florida Department of Transportation is trying to figure out whose fault it is and who'll have to pay for it. It'll still take another year to finish the project.The bridge project has come to a screeching halt because of a six-inch mistake.

The bridge section is six inches too long and now the state contractors are trying to figure out whether it can be cut to fit without jeopardizing safety.At least 62,000 cars a day go through the intersection at SR-50 and Semoran Boulevard (436). It's one of the busiest and most dangerous and, because of the construction configuration right now, drivers say it's even worse."

They're always backed up and the road's uneven. So yeah, I'd say so," commuter Francesca Degirolami said.If you're northbound on 436 turning east on SR-50, the turn lanes are long and there's a sharp bend at the end of the turn. Eastbound, SR-50 travelers turning north on Semoran are also challenged because of poor visibility.Now, a 6-inch mistake involving a bridge section has halted work at the intersection.

Cranes, which cost $10,000 a week to lease, have been idle for three weeks and there's no definite start-up schedule."Who's gonna pay for this?" WFTV reporter asked FDOT Spokesman Steve Olson."It's FDOT's position that the taxpayer is not on the hook for any money," Olson said.FDOT says the specs for the bridge, done by PBS&J were spot-on and says the problem lies with either the prime contractor, Lane Construction, or its subcontractor, Carolina Steel Corporation.

Eyewitness News' calls to both contractors went unanswered Friday, so it's unknown if they agree.FDOT insists the 6-inch mistake won't hold up the opening of the flyover, because it's not scheduled to open before the rest of the project is done, which is set to be by next July.

Eyewitness News asked why FDOT did not require the contractor to open the bottle-necked intersection as soon as it is done, rather than making commuters wait for the rest of the project three miles down to be done first. FDOT says that would have made the $67 million project even more expensive.


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