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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

About the ribbon for Revit 2010/2009....some updates and how to delete it.

Apparently, if you install the Autodesk hotfix, you can't use the debug.ini file or my ribbon special program I published recently....never mind....Autodesk republished the hotfix (link).

On another topic, someone made a blog comment today asking about how to uninstall my ribbon program. Well, it's basically two desktop shortcuts, so you just have to delete the 2009 one.
Also, go into Program Folders/Revit Architecture 2010/Program and delete the debug.ini file.
There's nothing really installed as an actual program, just 2 DOS batch commands and two shortcuts.

That's it.

Install the 2009/2010 Revit Ribbon Interface www.revit3d.com/files/revitribbon.zip.

Augi posts on the subject:


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