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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Autodesk Green Building Studio - New Update - The Sustainable Design Toolbox #LEED

Did you know...in order to sell Ecotect and Green Building Studio, Autodesk requires their resellers to have LEED APs on staff. Sure am glad I took the test before LEED v3.0 started and it'll be just about impossible for anyone to take and pass the 2 tests.

From; The Sustainable Design Toolbox:



Version 4.1 of Green Building Studio has just been released including support for projects in Asia Pacific (Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Philippines, and South Korea) and India.

The global reach of Green Building Studio is expanding all the time and this adds to the existing capability to analyse projects in Europe, Russia and North America. Other improvements include performance and usability enhancements (great to see the location map now centres on where you are - it now opens showing the U.K for me rather than the U.S). You can now also opt in to provide usability testing.

Release notes can be read here

As Green Building Studio is a Software as a Service application these enhancements will be automatically available when you login. If you don't have Green Building Studio yet it can be purchased as either a standalone subscription or you can get it as a Subscription Benefit when purchasing Ecotect Analysis 2010.

Original post:
Autodesk Green Building Studio - New Update - The Sustainable Design Toolbox


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