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Saturday, August 29, 2009

BIM Manager Job Post

It almost looks like a job post from the future, but it's current. I do have an issue with the 7-10 years experience as a BIM Manager part. What are there, like 3 people on the planet that meet that qualification?

For all you CAD managers out there, start preparing for the jobs of the future. I don't see anything in here about managing layers and line weights, so you'll have to forget everything you've ever known.

On a similar side note, we had a Mechanical contractor in for Revit MEP training about 3 weeks ago. I was asking him if he had a budget for Navisworks Manage which would run about $10,000. He laughed at me and said he'd never heard of it and they certainly wouldn't be needing it. Well, guess who ordered their copy last week because it's required on a job they just got from a contractor. He was the same guy who wanted to do an AutoCAD legacy upgrade a year and a half ago and I made him buy Revit MEP Suite instead. He said, fine, he's play around with it and have it for the little bit extra it cost to have. Well, two months after that, he called up to order another copy. You naysayers out there can think I'm just trying to get you to buy boxes of software like every other reseller who's knocked on your door, but there's a serious shift going on out there and you really need to start paying attention before it's too late.

Enough of the lecture, check out this job description.

BIM Manager/Navisworks/3D Jobs in Pasadena, California

Job Description:

Our client, an Mechanical Engineering consulting firm, is seeking a Building Information Modeling (BIM) Manager, to join their team and be responsible for implementing BIM technology to improve the firm's processes. Candidates must have worked in an MEP environment and have Navisworks experience.

-Manage support for approx 170 CAD users in 5 offices - from 2D-drafters and engineers to union detailers and foremen.
-Oversee maintenance/upgrading of internal CAD menus and content for 2D and 3D CAD software applications.
-Evaluate and recommend new software related hardware specifications.
-Oversee software procurement
-Evaluation and recommendation of software and hardware configurations
-Oversee detailed review of coordination documents by engineers/detailers/cad designers/coordinators prior to dwg issue
-Liase directly with project teams and clients
-Maintain relationships with key clients regarding 3D coordination
-Oversee administration of 3D coordination process using Navisworks
-Train project teams in the 3D Navisworks coordination process
-Advise project managers/engineering dept/construction dept with regard to 3D/BIM best practices, 'value-for-money' considerations balanced with current manpower capabilities
-Promote increased integration between engineering and construction departments.

-7-10 years of experience as a BIM Manager
-Extensive experience with AutoCAD 3D and Navisworks.
-Must have experience gained through a mechanical or MEP firm.
Required Skills for BIM Manager/Navisworks/3D Job:



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