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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Duo brings pen-based computing to almost any display

Here's the perfect companion product for Revit to right along side your 3D Connexion Space Mouse. Any chance this product would work with Revit? I'm not going to hold my breath, as we're still waiting for the Space Mouse driver. Want to complain and learn more? Here's the Link. Voice your complaints!!! There's no reason that Revit is the only Autodesk product that doesn't work with the Space Mouse. I could understand it from 2009 and earlier, but the rewrite of the program for 2010 should have included the functionality.

I'm sure this pen will work perfectly with AutoCAD to do redlining. Stop the insanity!!!

An intermediate step between Livescribe and a touchscreen, the Duo by KCI Communications lets you use a stylus on your standard desktop or laptop display. It works (on devices up to 17-inches) by using a base station to track the XY coordinates of the pen as it makes its way around the screen. If that weren't enough, the pen also features functionality similar to Livescribe -- you can keep notes on traditional paper and transfer them to your PC later. Currently, this bad boy is only available for WIndows machines, but Mac drivers are in the works. Now, we haven't had the opportunity to play with one of these things, but maybe you'll want to take the plunge? If so, hit the read link -- shipping now for $119.95. But not before you check out the commercial after the break -- it's a classic.


Anonymous,  August 26, 2009 at 1:15 AM  

I've used Revit on a Tablet PC and found it relatively crappy. Strangely I found AutoCAD Architecture better but think it's more flexible command logic (Select/Act or Action/Select) and input seemed more pen friendly.

Then best of all are the sketchy programs like painter. It seems, rather unintuitively, that dumber an application is the better it is for pen...

Oh yeah, and the ribbon UX is much better for pen, those nice big icons... and all the tools on display. Autodesk Design Review is pretty good on a Tablet, but needs "direct Ink"input: left as ink an not entered via the TIP for conversion!

Which doesn't mean I don't want pen based AEC, just don't think the precision Revit demands works. Anyone remember Architectural Studio.... Imagine where it might have gone with some backing and today's hardware.... (not Sketchup!)

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