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Friday, August 28, 2009

Funny irrelevant side notes about blog comments and a word about CivilWized.com

I just got an email and I was so excited. My first blog comment at my other blog called CivilWized.com.  I know what you are thinking, CivilWized is a girl's name (sorry, funny joke reference to the movie Rat Race).  As you get deeper and deeper into Revit, you'll find that there's dirt under your building.  Sometimes that dirt has pipes and other crap in it.  Sometimes that dirt isn't flat.  All the time, you'll have a civil engineer involved on the project.  
There's linking now between Revit and Civil 3D.  Since you're ALL going to tell your structural and systems engineers to start using Revit Structure and Revit MEP, you should also consider telling your civil engineers to start using Civil 3D for the projects you share.  It won't cost you a penny, will save you a lot of time and effort, and may get me some business.  Speaking of, I'll make you all a deal, since everyone loves money (except for those "artist" architects who do it for the love of design and not the paycheck). 

If any of you reading my blog, recommend my and my company to another person/company for software, training or technical support services, be sure to have them reference you and I will happily give you a finder's fee.  Very simply, I will give you cash for helping me get more business and stay in business.  You may as well benefit from a simple referral.  If any of you are uncomfortable with that arrangement, then it could be free training or tech support for you or your company.  You've got nothing to lose.
Back to the main story, I've got this whole other blog called CivilWized.com about Civil 3D.  It's not nearly as robust as Revit3D.com, but it's got some great stuff on it and I'm trying to teach myself everything about DIM, Dirt Information Modeling. Civil 3D, is considered a BIM product (although some disagree).  
So, to the person faking a log comment just to advertise their own website, go away.  This is my blog and I'll only advertise my site, and those of my clients like www.ThermalConcepts.com, who's a mechanical contractor now using Revit MEP and Navisworks.
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Here's your stupid blog comment with your website links removed.  What will people try next....


Jestin August 28, 2009 at 8:56 AM  

That comment came from a bot. I've had nearly identical comments left on my blog. You need to see if you can set up a catchpa to check if a poster is human or not. Fighting spam is all just a part of living in the interwebs!

Erik August 28, 2009 at 2:54 PM  

I got one that had far better english, but was just too vague to apply to the post. They are getting tricky...

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