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Thursday, August 13, 2009

IES Introduces VE-Gaia Software for Environmental Performance Analysis [LEED Analysis Software]

Nothing makes me happier than to be part of the IES team. Part of the reason I made yesterday's blog post about teamwork is largely based on the teamwork necessary for LEED certified projects. There's no better software than IES to facilitate the building performance analysis calculations on the BIM model.

We're moving into incredible new territory. This is cutting edge technology that is going to help a lot of architects and engineers really excel (no pun intended) at working with the entire project team on the owner's behalf. I am so proud that our company, CADD Centers of Florida is the exclusive Florida reseller for the IES product line. Now you know why I took the LEED AP exam. I realized over a year ago how important LEED was going to be and we've taken the necessary steps to leverage this technology in order to help all of you that are working on LEED projects, and give those of your Revit modelers the most incredible way to do your LEED energy calcs quickly and accurately. You're all going to end up having to work on LEED projects at some point in the near future, so let's get the ball rolling and start the education and investment process immediately, before it's too late. Call me. We'll get you a demonstration and find how and where VE-GAIA fits into your current workflow and will actually help give you a whole new revenue stream.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Glasgow, UK & Boston, USA – August 10, 2009 – Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES), a provider of integrated performance analysis software for sustainable building design, today announced the launch of VE-Gaia, a step-by-step smart navigation software solution that offers a complete analysis workflow environment designed to guide the user through the process and facilitate analysis understanding. VE-Gaia is composed of a series of navigators which increase productivity, reduce the potential for human error and revolutionize the way analysis is undertaken.

Using VE-Gaia, designers have the ability to input and manipulate exact building data within an integrated central data model. The smart navigators take users through a range of different analysis tasks from model import/creation and data assignment, including the consideration of building metrics, natural resources and material use, to climate exploration, water use, energy/carbon analysis, loads calculation, daylight/solar assessments, renewable and low/zero carbon technology consideration and the assessment of LEED credits.

“VE-Gaia is a major milestone in the evolution of our software, and will revolutionize the way building simulation is performed,” said Don McLean, Founder and CEO of IES. “Ideal for architects and designers who don’t undertake simulation on a day-to-day basis, this software guides the way from analysis to understanding; increasing productivity and easing the process for everyone involved.”

With VE-Gaia, designers can track progress, control quality, iterate workflows, trigger simulations, filter results and automatically produce highly-visual graphics and interactive rich-text reports. Within a project, any common navigator component is always up to date. Users can also move between navigators at any time, providing a rapid cycle of development for each project. These unique features allow the user to mould and define their workflow within the framework provided by the navigators. VE-Gaia navigators also include a notes and date/user stamp function that facilitate a direct modelling QA system that can be exported for documentation purposes.

A special buy one, get one free offer is running on the core VE-Gaia product until the release of V6.1 of the <Virtual Environment>. Add-on VE-Gaia navigators are available for the LEED and Sustainability assessment capabilities. LEED capabilities cover daylighting, comfort, water and renewables across the New Construction, Schools and Core & Shell schemes – reports fit LEED letter templates. For more information on VE-Gaia, visit http://www.iesve.com/Software/VE-Gaia."


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