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Friday, August 7, 2009

Kawneer Revit Families & BIM Models [RFA][Content]

This post is dedicated to Joy at University of Tampa who's working on an MBA paper for marketing for manufacturers. After an hour on the phone with her, I think I've thoroughly overloaded her brain with data, statistics, trends, strategies, references, markets, history, future, capabilitiies, financial implications and needs for Revit Content. Joy, good luck with marketing plan.

Joy made the mistake of calling me to answer a few questions. She had no idea what she was in for. As we were talking, I was googling and found this. Enjoy!

Link to Advertisement
PDF of BIM advertisement

Promotional video
video [WMV, streaming]


In support of an emerging trend in architecture, Kawneer has adopted Building Information Modeling (BIM) to deliver product specific content to the design community. Kawneer’s BIM product models help bring your vision to life, providing a virtual hand to help you design the way you think.

Our growing library of BIM models will enable architects to be more efficient in the design process and demonstrates our continued commitment to providing valuable products and tools to architects and customers.

To deliver the library of BIM models to a broad audience, Kawneer has partnered with one of the leading developers of manufacturer specific BIM content in the construction marketplace, BIMWorld, recently acquired by Autodesk®.

Our models are offered in Autodesk® Revit®, as well as a variety of applications, including, Graphisoft® ArchiCAD®, Bentley Architecture, and Google™ SketchUp.


Click on the links below to download Kawneer BIM product models:

Curtain Wall
Entrances - Sliding
Entrances - Swing
Storefronts - Framing
Storefronts - Sliding Mall
Sun Control Products
Windows - In/Out Projecting
Windows - Hung/Sliding
Windows - Horizontal Ribbon


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