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Monday, August 31, 2009

Must have been something I said - BIM Comments about my blog

Well, I guess it was bound to happen. I always add a comment or two to blogs that I repost, so it was especially flattering to have a construction blog writer actually write a blog post about my thoughts on BIM and IPD.  I must be on the right track if others are referencing my stories in their articles.  I'm glad others are paying attention and taking action, even if it's just the construction blogs for the moment.

Digging Into The Tough Stuff About BIM and IPD

Gregory Arkin over at Revit 3D had some poignant things to express recently in his blog about resistance to BIM. In a way, the protectionism that is built into the AEC industries detracts greatly from everyone being able to really build, the very best they can build. And, that in a way is a shame because it forces us to accept less than our best simply in the interest of survival. Perhaps though, there are other ways to not only survive, but thrive. Here is the beginning of his post with a link to the full text at the bottom.
So, you know I’ve been ranting lately. I’d like to apologize for it, but I just can’t. The more conversations I have with owners, contractors, subcontractors and LEED firms, the more the conversation turns to liability, refusal to share documents, incomplete drawings, coordination issues and more.
At a recent meeting with a contractor, the owner of the firm said to me, “Greg, Revit seems so amazing. Why isn’t every architect using it?” Anyone who wants to, you can call me and I’ll give you my answer. I’m not going to publish that little gem here.
Today, I was talking with a drywall contractor who’s company has offices in several states. During our conversation, he mentioned how much documentation his company does to protect itself…


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