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Friday, August 14, 2009

PowerFilm 18W, 12V Thin Film Solar Panel: Solar Panels: Eco20/20

Thought you LEED APs out there might to see this. Just a little something that will give you some flexibility with Solar Panels.

Many people today are trying to make their homes more energy efficient, especially as they realize what high consumption of electricity can do to the environment. Today there are many different products available that can help you to begin using solar power within your home. Of course if you have been considering solar technology for your home, the cost of solar panels as well as the weight and unsightly looks of them may be holding you back. Well, the answer to this quandary is in the PowerFilm 18W, 12V Thin Film Solar Panel. These solar panels are state of the art panels that can provide you with the flexible solar power options that you have been looking for. Here's a closer look at what they have to offer, including the top features, advantages, and disadvantages.

One of the top advantages and features of the thin film solar panel is that they are truly flexible, which is something that most other solar panels cannot boast. Although there are other types that use thin film technology, they are not near as flexible as these are. They are made of a thin film that is on plastic and they use a special technology in the manufacturing to allow them to be rollable. They are also integrated monolithically, eliminating the need for you to have individual solar cells or even manual connections that are damage prone.

When you use these panels, not only will you be helping the environment by using solar power, but the materials that PowerFilm used are great for the earth as well. Silicon, which happens to be a natural resource, is used to make these solar panels, making them even more environmentally friendly.I

In a variety of environments, you'll find that the 12V thin panel works very well. Even in the heat of the sun, they work very well and you won't have to worry about over voltage being wasted. The construction of these panels is excellent as well, and the components used to manufacture them are marine grade. To add even more durability, you'll find that the wire is tin coated.

An excellent three year warranty on these Thin Film Solar Panels is also offered by PowerFilm. If there are any problems, the company is very willing to stand behind their work. Ease of cleaning is yet another excellent advantage and even if the product gets wet, it can be wiped dry and will work after it has dried.

So, with all the excellent advantages offered by the PowerFilm 18W, 12V Thin Film Solar Panel, it is definitely a great buy. Even the prices are quite reasonable, ranging from about $300 to $450. If you need a flexible way to incorporate solar power, then these products are excellent options to use.

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PowerFilm 18W, 12V Thin Film Solar Panel: Solar Panels: Eco20/20:


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