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Friday, August 21, 2009

Revit Fix: Split Segment Sections with Dependent Views. #Revit

Repost: http://revitfix.blogspot.com/2009/08/split-segment-sections-with-dependent.html

I’m currently doing a project where we need to do some very long site sections. It requires we use Split Segment Sections along with Dependent Views.

After creating the split segment sections I started to make the dependent views. I found in plan I could no longer change the location of the split segment or even the section view dept.

Through support I was advised in order to change these items you must select the crop region in the parent section view. Only then can you change the location of the split segments or view dept in plan.

To add to this a bug was found that Autodesk have said they will review a fix in future releases.
When you do the above the dependent view does not automatically update to the new section location (the parent view does). In order to update the dependent view you need to alter the view or annotation crop region in some way. Dragging it back and forth will update the view.

This issue happens with Revit 2009 sp3 & Revit 2010 sp1
Posted by Brian Renehan at 8:45 PM
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