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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Revit Getting Started Guide - Learn Revit in 4 hours!

I was just looking at my website statistics and I'm always amazed that half of my readers are looking at Revit for the first time. It's always the blog post http://bimboom.blogspot.com/2007/02/ready-for-revit-but-your-firm-isnt.html (revit3d.com/start). It's my 12 step program that let's someone learn the basics of Revit in 4 hours.

It involves downloading Revit and the Getting Started Guide. There's only been one problem. Autodesk didn't update the Getting Started Guide for 2010 and the Ribbon. I've been in contact with an Autodesk Revit product team member and I'd never say out loud that I thought their answer was totally lame, but inside my brain, I'm thinking how terrible it is for them to not have spent the 2 days making the screen shots necessary for the update and releasing the updated version of the guide.

Maybe someday, I'll write about that, but in the meantime, I'll keep my major annoyance at Autodesk for not creating the guide, which would increase sales, because people could build a house in 4 hours in Revit Architecture 2010 and see that Revit isn't so hard to learn. For now, I've written this as a draft and used invisible ink so no one at Autodesk will see it.

Remember in the movie Working Girl where they asked Sigourney Weaver how she came up with the idea for Trask deal.

Tess and Mr. Trask into an elevator, and Tess explains point by point how she first conceived the idea for Trask to acquire radio, and shows him the newspaper clippings that inspired her. When the elevator door opens again, Trask confronts Katherine and asks where did SHE get the idea for the deal? When it's clear that she cannot (and will not) provide an answer, she haughtily stalks out of their lives. Trask then offers Tess a job at his firm, but only if she promises to bring the passion and integrity she brought to his deal.
So, I'm looking at my blog traffic statistics and there's someone who looked at the 'ready for Revit' page, and right next to it, someone had been looking at my Revit 2010 ribbon hack so you can open Revit with or without the ribbon.

So, i thought Trask...ribbon....and then I was inspired to make a movie called Working Drawings (or BIM Beau). Seriously, since it's a problem for someone to download Revit Architecture 2010 and open the Getting Started Guide which uses Revit Architecture 2009 dialogs, I thought, 'wow, if only you downloaded Revit 2010, installed the ribbon debug file and use 2010 as Revit 2009, then you COULD use the Getting Started Guide and learn Revit in 4 hours. Take that Autodesk. Another ribbon problem solved.

So, for you newbies out there.....
1. Download Revit: www.revitarchitecture2010.com
2. Download the Guide: www.Revit3D.com/guide
3. Download the Ribbon files: Revit3d.com/ribbonoff
(Read the included Revit Instructions help file in the zip file)
4. Open Revit 2010 as Revit 2009 w/the shortcuts from #3.
5. Do the www.Revit3D.com/guide tutorial in about 4 hours
6. Call me to order 10 copies of Revit.

If you want, tell your friends to visit www.revit3d.com/start to link here for the full instructions.

As a side note, I do have a link for monthly archives. www.revit3d.com/archive

with an easy way to skim each month's blog posts in case you haven't read all of my 1300 posts in the last 3 years. Crazy, 1300 posts. 506 so far this year. Enjoy.

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