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Friday, August 28, 2009

Revit OpEd: Is it CAD or Revit?

Here's a great repost from Steve Staffors RevitOpEd.blogspot.com. It's funny to me that in so many conversations of ye olde past, so many people have said how fast AutoCAD is to them and quick to get things done. The only feature of AutoCAD Architecture that I've seen of any benefit is the keynoting and detailing feature which is object based and automates the detailing process. Of course, no one uses it.

Well, then there's Revit. Revit has a keynoting and detailing feature. Drag and drop for nuts and bolts, inslulation and lots of other 2D goodies that making creating details easier than drawing stuff line by line by line by line by line (drop me a line if I should stop saying 'by line').

Oh yeah, almost forgot. In Revit, number for details, sections, elevations, callouts, doors, windows and rooms are automatically generated and updated for you. How many hours on each project are wasted filling in circles with page numbers, only to have sheets added and the whole process redone? Stop being such a CAD!

So, here's Steve's blog post and real life details created in Revit.


I received a sample drawing today. We were discussing detailing with Revit. While I was checking it out I thought of the cassette tape competition for our money back when Memorex was asking us "Is it Live or is it Memorex?" in their commercials.

Considering the focus of this blog you might logically conclude that the above image is a detail completed in Revit. If I didn't give it away would you assume it was Revit or CAD?

It is a Revit detail. All too often people dismiss Revit as not being as efficient as other software for this type of drafting or that the results don't look as good. On both counts they are mistaken.

By the way, the detail is from Scott with WTW Architects in Pittsburgh, PA.

Edit: per a comment here is another image of the same view with the Detail Components category turned off. The text, dimensions, callout and grids are obviously annotation.

Revit OpEd: Is it CAD or Revit?


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