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Friday, August 21, 2009

Some Input on Output. What's the point of what you do with your software? #BIM

First, I want to apologize for yesterday's post. Only that it was way too long. Sorry, I had no idea it was that big. Kudos to anyone who made it through the whole post.

I've created quite the little BIMstorm the past few days with all of the CAD versus BIM posts. The best thing I can say is it's just like the health care reform debate. We're going to have the far left button clickers vs the far right button clickers. Then we have the independent keyboard shortcut contingency.

The same way way the health care debate has morphed into some interesting issues, we have the Death to AutoCAD panels, the public model sharing option and government controlled mandates requiring BIM for everyone. Let's not leave out everyone being forced to have LEED compliance.

Are you starting to see a parallel here? It's really not that far away from CAD vs BIM. We have passionate proponents for both sides. Can we compare the electronic medical records issue to a full BIM model? Who knows.

I got an interesting blog comment from one of my fellow Revit bloggers, Robin Capper of RobinZ CAD Blog.

Ask the Architect:
"Is your output (or product) process, documents or buildings?"
There is no Building in a drawing of a building but there is in a Building Information Model.
It's exactly the point I've been trying to make. It's not the software, it's what you actually do with the software, how efficient the software is, how easy it is to share the output with others, and mainly, what is the purpose of using the software in the first place. Shouldn't it be to create the "documents for construction."

We could use a pencil and paper, typewriter, Microsoft Word or Google Docs to write a contract. What are the pros and cons of each? Time, ability to make edits and corrections, the ability to share it live, the ability to transmit and the ability to do spellcheck, repaginate and get an accurate word count.

As I had several conversations today with a company about to release a laser scanning service that ties directly and live into Revit, a national Revit MEP firm who asked about solutions for Revit MEP cloudpoint recreation for a model, a Revit Architect who made his structural engineer call me today and buy Revit through the LT Crossgrade Promotion and from the positive feedback I've gotten from some readers, I'll put to bed the AutoCAD bashing for a while.

Yes, this is a Revit blog. It's pointless to compare software products. We're all passionate about the technology we love. I love what BIM, LEED and IPD do for the AEC industry. I will get back to focusing on those topics so we can all be positive and grow our businesses.

I'll leave you with a little snippet of some work by one of my favorite Revit MEP clients, Ross & Barruzzini. This is from a project we just assisted them with. What you're about to see is an actual Revit project.

First we have the 2D plan view and for the WOW factor, the same location in the 3D fully parametric, coordinated, information rich, LEED analysis, buildable view. I'll post more on this project later, but for now, this is what i'm talking about baby!

This is why I love BIM and made all of those recent posts. You see, I've been carrying around the set of drawings of this project with me for the past few weeks. Every general contractor I've show them to, uttered the exact same word at first glance. Wow! I rest my case and I'm sure you'll all agree that the second image is just a little easier to make sense of.


Nick Borgmeyer August 22, 2009 at 11:37 AM  


Glad to see you could help Ross & Baruzzini out on this project. I am an architect on the project at Simon Oswald Architecture (www.soa-inc.com) in Columbia, Missouri. I have also been responsible for the Revit implementation in our architecture firm since we switched from ADT in Jan. of 2007. It has been difficult to find quality consultants who also want to collaborate through building information modeling (whether it be a Revit platform, AutoCAD based solution, or others). We appreciate your help in training firms like Ross & Baruzzini, as it helps us out in the long run. In this particular project, which was a gut and remodel of an existing building, we find Revit, and especially coordination in Revit invaluable in the process of transforming a dilapidated building into somewhere that is a great place to work and will serve the client for a long time.

Overall, I would say this project went pretty smoothly considering this was the project where R&B finally put their training to the test. Thanks.

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