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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Some new Revit and CAD Reality TV Shows #BIM Humor

While watching Hell's Kitchen last night, I came up with a thought and made a tweet about it, Hell's CAD Station. Well, I was up this morning with another one, Who wants to be a Million Line Drawer. Then another popped into my head, I'm a CAD Operator, Get me out of here.

I was thinking we could make some reality TV shows. Unable to stop myself, I googled Reality TV Shows, found this site, http://www.realitytvworld.com/realitytvworld/allshows.shtml and started going down the list with alternative names.

If you can think of any others, please feel free to let me know. Of course, this is all in good fun. If you're insulted, hurt or angry about any of them, well, too bad, CAD Sucks and Revit Rocks.

Just kidding of course. We love 2D drafters because they're ALL going to need Revit training over the next 3 years.

So here's the list. The game is to match the names to the original show from the link above:

Line Survivor
The Apprentice (better finish all of those details due tomorrow morning)
Big Bother (BIM Manager)
ReBoot Camp
Chopped (Explosed and Offset)
The Chopping, Cutting and Pasting Block
Drawing with the Layers
Extreme Redraw - Home Edition
Clash Hunters
Growing Up Caddy
Howie Draw It
LA Stink(y) Drawings
Last 2D CAD Drafter Standing
Legally Bland
Million Dollar Lawsuit
The Million Line Matchmaker
More to Leave
Moving Up, Offsetting and Exploding
Most Love CADS
My Super Sweet 16 Redraws
My CAD is better than your CAD
My Big Fat Obnoxious DWG
My Fair CAD Drawings
My Life is a Shitstorm
The Next Bad Line
No Boundaries, Polylines or Layers
Pimp My Model
Drawing it Straight
The Layer
The Price of Bad DWGS
Project Runaway Budget
The Real Drawing Crashers
The Real World (sucks using CAD)
Recovery (and Redraw)
Renovate my Revit Family
Rich Guy Poor Guy (BIM Guy CAD Guy)
CAD Rules
Rob & Amber: Against the CADs
Revit Star
Layer Tactics
The Secret Life of a CAD Manager
CAD's Big Challenge
So you think you can draw
Sports Illustrated BIMsuit Model Search
Survivor: CAD
Survivor: Layers
Survivor: Lineweights
Survivor: Colors
Survivor: PLT
Survivor: Blocks
Survivor: Lisp
Survivor: ADT
Survivor: Sheetset Manager
Survivor: CUI
Survivor: Ribbon
Survivor: Service Pack
Survivor: AUGI
Survivor: Recession
Table for 12 (Jurors in the Errors and Omissions Lawsuit)
BIM Temptation Island
'Til CAD do us part
TaxiCAD Confessions
Thank God Your Here Revit
There's something about Models
Trading Layers
Viva La BIM
Walk The Line
The Weakest Line
Who's your CADDY?
Who wants to bury my CAD?
Wickedly Perfect (BIM Model)
Line Swap
The X, Y and Z Factor
Your Mama don't Draw


Erik August 20, 2009 at 1:06 PM  

How about the full length film, BIM-Bigelow, Revit Gigilo?

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