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Monday, August 31, 2009

An update about Revit3D.com/BIMboom.blogspot.com

I just wanted to give everyone a little update about my blog. 
Somehow over the last 3 years, I've veered a little off topic from "Revit" only posts.  Maybe it's not an accident.  My original domain name was BIMwit.com.  Revit3D.com only came into existence after I actually got that license plate for my car.  When I moved from the website of BIMwit.com and turned that into a blog, the blog name I chose was BIMboom.blogspot.com.  Well, I had no idea what a BOOM BIM would be.  
I know it may be a little confusing to have Revit3D.com forward to BIMboom.blogspot.com, but I am working on moving everything over to Revit3d.com.  I'm going to try to make the site more user friendly and come up with some ways to sort out tips, BIM, products and LEED.  
I've given up on trying to make the blog only about Revit or related topics.  The reality is, it all ties into together.  I hope you all appreciate the variety of the posts.  One of my sales team asked me this morning why I made a post about the commercial real estate market yesterday.  It's simple. It ties into your pipeline of future products.  Mental Ray posts?  Well, renderings and visualization are important and I'm hoping some of you use Max for renderings.  
 If you receive my blog via email/rss, I've cleaned up the site to make it cleaner, so stop by and visit so I can have some higher statistics for a day or two.  I know it's got a long way to go, so my next step is to turn the blog into a real website, with related tabs to make searching easier for newbies, BIM Managers, LEED leaders and something for the rest of you.
Well, I'm off to hunt more great articles and tips for you to help make all of you even more successful with BIM.  I'll probably have another 200 or 300 posts for the rest of this year, so make sure to subscribe via email so you don't miss a thing.


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