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Friday, August 28, 2009

Welcome to BIM Street. Time to Rev(it) your engines

Robin Capper over at rcd.typepad.com, another blogger with way too much free time on his hands, recently found CADMan Ave in his post  I've been to CADMAN AVE, anyone been to BIM?

Well, today he found a street called Bims Road.  I don't think "Bims" really counts Robin.  It's got to be just the word "BIM.  I fired up firefox, headed over to Google Maps, and what do you know, there's a BIM Street right here in the US.

Here's the best part about the find.  Right now, BIM Street is a very short road.  It's definitely going to need to be expanded.  My favorite part....It's just off of Main Street.  Yup.  Main Street.  You know, the road all of the CADdies use, that's got a lot of traffic jams on it.  Super funny that I just had made a post about the road less traveled.  Well, here you go. Get off of Main Street and head on over to BIM Street.  The road is still a little bumpy and needs to be paved a bit. 

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You can drive your CADDy-Lack down BIM Street at 3333 Revitlutions per Model (RPM)

From @vincentcadoret :
@Revit3D LOL I bet there are a lot of BIMmers parked on BIM street because they made more money than the guys with CADDy-lacks.


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