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Friday, September 18, 2009

Autodesk's Official Response to Windows 7 / Revit Compatability Blog Post

I received this as a blog comment today.  First things first.  Anthony, I apologize for being a bit harsh in my orginal post about Autodesk's position on Windows 7 Support.  It stemmed from the frustration of my clients trying to determine if and when they upgrade their computers, what operating system to get, should they invest in 64 bit, and for the larger firms, how much time it will take to deploy multiple machines.  On top of all that, it seems that upgrading to Windows 7 is going to be a very lengthy process.

Having had my own IT consulting business for 10 years, I was just venting my own frustration with lengthy upgrade times.  With limited resources and money, we want our clients and Autodesk product users to be able to minimize any disruption an expense.

All that being said, Wow  I got the head of Revit/BIM development reading my blog and making a blog comment.  Between Anthony and Phil Bernstein, I'm set for life in the Revit blogging world. 

Anthony was kind enough to clarify Autodesk's intent on Windows 7.  He did clear up that Revit will work on Windows 7.  Every computer has it's own personality (mostly schizophrenic) and Autodesk will do what they can to solve any glitches.  From my personal experience, Revit runs beautifully on Windows 7.  It's the best operating system I've ever used. 

Here's Anthony's clarified official Autodesk response.  He'd like your feedback so don't be shy if you have questions.  I, for one, am happy to know that Autodesk is listening and interacting with its customers. 

Anthony, thank you for taking the time to post the response.  It means a lot to me and my readers, so you definitely get a gold start today.

Hi folks.

I thought I’d clear up exactly what the Autodesk statement means to our users, so you can better make OS decisions moving forward. After reviewing this post, I don’t think it’s been interpreted as intended, so hopefully this helps.

Officially supporting an Operating System means that we at Autodesk have carried out a full set of testing across all versions of the shipping OS, and are committed to ensuring quality via our ongoing development. The process to achieve this for a major release such as Windows 7 is significant.

As Windows 7 was a beta at the time that we released the Revit 2010 family of products, and indications of a November or later release was our understanding, we did not carry out that extensive testing process to obtain formal OS support prior to the release. We understand the value of Windows 7 to our customers and are working to ensure that Revit is fully supported in a reasonable timeframe.

What is also important to know is lack of official support does not mean that the product will not run properly. By many accounts Revit 2010 runs smoothly on Windows 7 so far, and we are optimistic that we will validate this as we work through our testing process.

For those that choose to run Windows 7 on their machines, you should understand that you can still obtain technical support from us or your other support provider. Only if you uncover a unique issue to Windows 7 will there be limitations to the assistance we can provide.

Finally, as this post clearly proves, we can do a better job communicating this message to you as our users. Would you find this information helpful if added to our Technical Solution, or do you have other suggestions?

Anthony Hauck
BIM Design Product Line Manager
September 18, 2009 2:34 PM


scottcwaelde September 21, 2009 at 10:21 AM  

I have been running 64bit Revit 2010 and 2009 on a Windows 7 machine with 8gb of RAM. I have only seen one glitch...When exporting Revit 2010 files to CAD, Revit seems to take FOREVER! It will finally work but it should not take this long to make CAD files. Hopefully Autodesk will fix this when they officially decide to suppo0rt Windows 7.

Anonymous,  October 1, 2009 at 2:33 PM  

Revit MEP 2009 x64 & 2010 x64 run smoother & faster on a Windows 7 machine for us.

monsieurting November 9, 2009 at 10:00 AM  

I've been running Win 7 64-bit and have been unsuccessful in rendering at high or best quality using Revit 2009 or 2010, which was not the case under XP 64-bit. The rendering hangs after a certain percentage, between 19% and 35%, and even if I let it run overnight, it won't have advanced at all when I check on it the next morning. Also, when rendering, the computer becomes largely unresponsive under Win 7 64-bit, whereas under XP 64-bit I was still able to work on other tasks.

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