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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

BIM is Dead, Long Live BIM

After 2  years on the road doing over 100 presentations about the what-why-where-when-who-and-how of BIM to every kind of audience imaginable, I'm realizing what has finally come to be: that the hot-button buzz-phrase "BIM" is now settling comfortably into not being "the next new thing" anymore. After years of being overused, overheated, overloaded, overrated, overhyped, oversexed, overindulged, overjustified and waaaay overexplained, now it's just "over". 

With about half the North American AEC industry already up off their beach chairs and at least wading ankle-deep in the BIM surf, we can stop hyperventilating about "BIM" and just do BIM as a regular course of business. The adoption and implementation research I just completed for the new SmartMarket Report: "Getting BIM to the Bottom Line" leads me to believe that two years from now we should expect that almost 40% of the US projects in design will be being modeled to a significant degree. That should be (God-willing) about $250B worth of BIM work.
So now what will the "next new thing" be? I've got some ideas and I'd love to hear your thoughts.  
Yours, from the BIM road. 

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BrianMyers September 30, 2009 at 10:30 AM  

It's important to remember that BIM is OLDER than AutoCAD! ArchiCAD was actually around before the days of AutoCAD, the problem wasn't BIM in those days, the problem was that there wasn't a computer powerful enough to run it effectively as a BIM tool (and of course, BIM wasn't even in existance as a term in those days).

Today its about communicating and realizing the benefits beyond the sales pitch. This can be done, but its only been in the past 3 years (+/-) when this has become a reality for 99% of the industry. I agree, BIM hype is dead... identifying the proper processes to leverage that information is the new hot commodity.

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