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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Build London Live 2009 - Collaborative BIM Event Oct 6-8 [BIM] [Events]

I just got this email and I wanted to share it with whoever  would like to participate in this event.


Dear Greg,
I’ve have recently been introduced to your blog and have found your thoughts and insights most useful in keeping up to date with how the AEC industry is using BIM.  I hope that you too feel that BIM is the future of the construction industry, and may also feel a sense of frustration at the perceived “difficulty” of BIM and corresponding slow take up.  Well we at Build London Live are trying to do something about it, and it would be great if you could blog about us to help us out.

What is Build London Live?
Build London Live 2009 (www.buildlondonlive.com) is a 48 hour Collaborative BIM design competition.  Teams from around the globe will be given a brief for a theoretical site and asked to collaborate and produce a BIM model of their design.  Teams use secure collaborative websites to share and submit their design meaning they can participate from anywhere in the world!  Running from October 6-8 2009, BLL2009 has already received entries from teams in Japan, Korea, Norway and USA.  

The judging panel includes Bill East from the US Army Corps of Engineers, Lars Christensen the co-CEO BuildingSMART Intl. and Lachmi Khemlani founder of AECBytes (www.AECBytes.com). The site is an island in the Thames Estuary near London, UK which is the location of a proposed airport.  Mayor of London Boris Johnson has put his support behind the plan to build an airport in the Thames, which will help to ensure media coverage of Build London Live (click here)

BLL 2009 builds on the success of Build London Live 2008 which saw over 300 architect, engineers and contractors from 5 continents deliver truly inspirational designs for a scheme on the Greenwich peninsula.  The progress that teams using almost ALL of the BIM tools on the market made during BLL 2008 was amazing and led to good take up in press.  You can find the full story of BLL 2008 on the website (http://www.buildlondonlive.com/2008/index.html)

Why is it Important?
As a showcase for how BIM can revolutionise the construction industry Build London Live has received nothing but positive feedback when we have told the story of BLL 2008 to both decision makers and those that have to actually deliver on these decisions !  The 48 hour timescale highlights to decision makers how far teams can progress a design in a short period using BIM.  BLL is also about getting people to stop talking about BIM and start trying it.  It gives a safe environment to try working with BIM.  To see that it’s not an unassailable objective.  As a training tool it’s priceless.

How can you help?
Well firstly we’re looking for teams to take part.  Perhaps you know people who would like to enter.  Perhaps you would like to yourself?  We even have a matchmaking forum if people need to find a team.  I would expect that there are also a number of like-minded people who like me read your blog, so the greatest help would be if you could please mention us and let people know about the competition.
If you would like to keep track of what we’re doing then please register to observe online.  We’ll be blogging and tweeting (@buildlondonlive) during the competition.  If there is any other way that you would like to help out, then please let us know
I hope that you are as excited about Build London live as we are and that you are able to help us out.  Many thanks in advance from myself and the rest of the Build London Live team.

Kind regards
Paul Markovits
Product Development Director
Asite Solutions Ltd
Unit E2, 3rd Floor
Zetland House
5-25 Scrutton Street
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