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Saturday, September 26, 2009

FTP-BIM-Sharing-Projects-We-Us-You-Data-Success WAWFTP

I was having a meeting with an architect yesterday and I was telling her about the concept of "We all work for the project" (as referenced in this post).  I wrote the phrase down on a pad of paper and later during the conversation, I went to write it down again and decided to just write down the first letter of each word.

So, We All Work For The Project became WAWFTP.  And there it was...FTP.  File Sharing Protocol.  What an epiphany.  What a concept.  Sharing the files and sharing the project.  As for the WAW part, sounds like architects crying about having to share the BIM data.  I prefer WOW, but we'd have to change to We Objectively Work for the Project.  WOW-FTP.  Works for me. How about you?


OK children, you can go back to the crayons and coloring books now and remember that the colors of the crayons and the thickness of the crayon lines are very important.  Don't forget to stay inside the lines.  For the Revit rest of you, your the model of excellence.



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