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Monday, September 7, 2009

How BIM Improves Cost Estimating - Web Seminar - Builders Exchange Network

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Professional Education Series – Session 1
BIM may impact cost estimating more than any other building industry activity. Through this seminar you will understand the challenges and opportunities in rapidly evolving BIM landscape with this first in a series of BIM programs.

A state-of-the-art web presentation for all building industry professionals involved in cost estimating
The state of the art approach to Cost Estimating with BIM will provide:
1) An tight overview of how building industry professionals are already improving processes and projects with BIM software.
2) Meaningful insights for building industry professionals with all levels of BIM experience will be presented through discussion of:
· Beginning approaches to BIM Cost Estimating;
· Established procedures demonstrated in case studies; and,
· Advanced web-based BIM cost estimating.
Topics covered will include:
· U.S. Army use of web-based BIM for estimating with ConstructionOperation Building Information Exchange (COBIE)
· Private industry case studies of cost estimatingpossibilities with BIM; Real time, web-based estimating with BIM
· Web-based BIM Cost Estimating
· White Paper introduction
· General Service Administration participation in BIM data exchanges that result in cost estimates
· Description of Toyota-developed approach to product improvement based oncost constraints that can improve building processes with BIM software contributing to accurate costestimates and more.
Case Studies from industry leaders including:
Virtual Building Logistics; View-by-View; DesignAtlantic; Gehry Partners; Beck; Cisco Systems and others. BIM Software Vendors Providing Materialinclude Vico Software; Beck Technologies; ONUMA, Inc.; Gehry Technologies; Graphisoft and others.
Participants will also receive a list of links to additional materials for further research and investigation
after the presentation.
Participant Benefits include:
- 20% Discount on Axiom Award winning “BIG BIM little bim” by Finith Jernigan, AIA
- Free access for 2 months of Tokmo web-based BIM cost estimating and scheduling software
- $1 access per month for 2 months of ONUMA Planning System
- 30 Day free trial to Vico estimating software and access to three free Vico cost estimating classes
- Guidance to free trials of BIM software including Autodesk Revit and others
- Web-based BIM Cost Estimating White Paper
- and more
September 29, 2009 4 pm – 5 pm EST
The webinar is specially priced at $49 for builder’s
exchange and construction association members
- $199 for non-members
To register: Please send an e-mail to BXNetwork and instructions will be sent back: INFO@bxnetwork.org

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