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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Inside the Factory: Sheet Alignment


Sheet Alignment

Accurate alignment of plans or details from sheet to sheet in Revit is difficult. If you define accurate in absolute terms its impossible.(see comments) What are the requirements for Revit to make this situation better?

There would need to be additional references from views/items in views with items in a sheet or titleblock.

For the views potential references could be:

  • Grids
  • Levels
  • Reference Planes
  • Model Crop Boundaries
  • Schedule extents

If these references would be too numerous they could be given a property to enable their reference-ability to lessen noise.

On the sheet side:

Existing title block lines could serve as a reference. In addition a new "Guidelines" element might provide a way to place additional references . These lines or grid could be type specific so different titleblock types could be utilized to provide a layout for different usages (plans vs. details, vs. schedules.) These guides would not print (or have an option to not print).


Place plan views on different sheets consistently
The work flow would be to create a sheet, place the view on the sheet and then use the move or align tool to locate the view in respect to the sheet references. One might snap from a grid intersection in a model view to the title block lines or guides.

Update view positions on multiple sheets
Provide a means to identify parallel views (plan or vertical) on other sheets and update their position using another placed view as a reference. This would help to address a situation where hundreds of placed views need to be relocated.

Are their other alignment work flows?

Are their other needed references?

Is there other related info or stories you can share?

I'll preemptively mention there are other aspects of creating hundreds or sheets and plan series that could be made simpler but for this post I hope to concentrate on the alignment aspect.


>Inside the Factory: Sheet Alignment


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