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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kalexo Teamwork just got supercharged! - BIM Collaboration Communication Software

Here's a great tool to help you collaorate with others on your team. Of course, Kalexo is one of my BIM partners, so after you've played around with it, contact me for pricing information. Oh yeah, start looking at all of these tools as investments to save time and energy. It's all about automation of teamwork and your first step towards IPD.

Kalexo Teamwork Version 5 is raising the bar on unified project collaboration & communication software for project teams. We've taken the feedback from many of you and added several new features and made quite a lot of improvements. So if you have not seen Kalexo Teamwork recently, we encourage you to take a fresh look, and we believe that you will be pleasantly surprised.
Some of the new features in Kalexo Teamwork 5:
  • A new groundbreaking "thread" model that is designed to collect everything about an issue into a single information capsule that can be routed between team members and organizations.
  • File streaming allows you to literally fly through your documents and designs - no need for downloading or opening files anymore while redlining together. Its like Google maps for your project!
  • Improved online meetings, screen casting, video chat, and presence.
  • Micro-blogging support (like Twitter) to get all of those group project updates out of your Email inbox and available to all.
  • A new cleaner user interface design that makes Kalexo Teamwork even easier to use.
We invite you to visit http://kalexo.com and take a quick look at a short demo
You also can download Kalexo Teamwork from our web site and get your project team connected immediately - its easy! Best of all it will cost you nothing to evaluate, and it is always free for individual use. And as a bonus we offer online meetings via screen sharing for free too.

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