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Friday, September 11, 2009

McQuay Customized Air Handler Revit Object Models For BIM [Revit Content] [ Revit MEP]

Cool. Another manufacturer who "gets it" and is releasing Revit content. I'm looking for 100,000 Revit users to work with me on a targeted approach to force manufacturers to get on board. I've developed a plan of attack so anyone who is interested (and there's money to be made for you) send me an email at revit3d+makecontent@gmail.com and I'll fill you in on how we can get the manufacturers to do this instead of you using your resources to make content internally.


McQuay leads all HVAC manufacturers in providing the highest quality Revit® object models for engineers, architects and contractors using the BIM design process.

We are pleased to introduce variable geometry Revit family files for our VisionTM indoor and SkylineTM outdoor air handlers. These files are available for free by contacting your local McQuay Representative

Air handlers are the most difficult products to model because of the tremendous variability in their geometry and connector locations. McQuay's solution will allow you to easily customize the files to arrive at a fully functional model for each air handler in your project.

Because these air handler files are not fixed geometry objects and require customization, we have developed an instructional video to help you fully benefit from their functionality. In order to receive the free video and the air handler family files, you will need to contact your local McQuay Representative. They are not available for download on this site.

Get Your Free Copy Of The
Video And Family Files

Because of the variable geometry of McQuay Air Handler products, the Revit family files and accompanying instructional video for these products will only be available from your local McQuay Representative. All other McQuay Revit family files can be downloaded from our website.

  1. Contact your local McQuay Representative and ask for McQuay Air Handler Revit family files.
  2. Make sure that you receive and review the instructional video before using the files. It will quickly help you benefit fully from the functionality of the files.
  3. Make arrangements with your local McQuay Representative for software selections of air handler units.
  4. If you require further assistance, please use our Revit Feedback page.

McQuay Customized Air Handler Revit Object Models For BIM
Credit to : http://revitmep.blogspot.com/2009/09/mcquay-adds-more-revit-family-files.html for posting this first.


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