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Friday, September 4, 2009

Revit3d.com Blog Comments Form is fixed.

Apparently my blog comment posting button has been broken for an unknown time period.

Anyone who's been trying to leave a comment, why didn't you leave a comment that it was broken? 
I asked Google why it stopped working and their answer was "No Comment". 

Well, it's working now if you'd like to leave any feedback, positive or negative.

Special thanks to my favorite AutoCAD loving reader, Edwin Prakoso for pointing out the problem.


Edwin Prakoso September 5, 2009 at 5:06 PM  

Glad that you've fixed this.
As a fellow blogger, I know how you feel when something goes wrong with our blog :)
I'm not just an AutoCAD lovers Greg. You might be surprised that I'm actually certified for CATIA part design specialist.
I know some CAD Platforms (silly 2D drafting tool and limited 3D capabilities if you want to say), Architecture, Civil, and Manufacture applications. Some of them are not from Autodesk. I'm simply just a technical guy. I don't believe that an application is better than the others.
Some bloggers will say, why would you use Blogger? WordPress is a lot better as blogging platform. Better for SEO, and more customizeable. But hey, why bother using a sophisticated blog platform when Blogger can fulfill all your needs right? ;)
Why I focus more in AutoCAD? I have another CAD blog in Indonesian. I cross post to both of my blog (with different language of course). Here, AutoCAD is the king. Why would I bother focusing write something that only few will read? I promise you several months later, you will see other than just AutoCAD and Revit in my blog ;)

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