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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Synchronizing Files in Folders on Laptops - SugarSync www.revit3d.com/sugar

I've been using an amazing product for well over a year. It kicks FTP's ass, backs up all of your files and syncs them across multiple computers. It also allows you access to files stored in the cloud and you can email someone a file from their website while you're remote.

I'm so happy that Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal is recommending the same software I've been using. You can get a free 2GB account. Go to www.revit3d.com/sugar to sign up. I'm paying $10/month for 6oGB of storage. Anytime I save a file on my laptop, it (depending on file size) shows up almost instantly on my home computer. I never have to worry about where my files are and I never worry about backups anymore. Large files like Revit's .rvt files are a little tougher, but imagine your Revit content available on all of your computers consistently.

It's also a super easy to create folders and they become instantly available as FTP sites. All you do is share the folder and make it accessible to others. They'll need a password to access it and you get a report of when files are downloaded. You simply save a document in that folder or drag anything in there and it uploads in the background.

The 2GB free account would be perfect for you to share a Revit model with someone else, but the larger accounts are dirt cheap.

Synchronizing Files in Folders on Laptops By WALTER S. MOSSBERG

Q: My wife and I each use a different Windows laptop, so we end up having documents scattered between them. We back up data using a wired external hard drive, not knowing what has been saved where. Is there a solution that can allow file sharing and keep my files, my wife's files, and the backup files synced up?

A: There are networked hard drives from several manufacturers that can back up both laptops wirelessly and allow sharing. One I reviewed recently is the My Book World Edition from Western Digital. Another approach would be to use a Web-based synchronization service. My favorite of these is called SugarSync, from a company called Sharpcast.

SugarSync can automatically, and almost instantly, synchronize files in folders you select among multiple computers, while also backing them up to a password-protected Web account. SugarSync starts at $5 a month or $50 a year for 30 gigabytes of files, and goes up in price based on the amount you use. The company offers a free two-gigabyte account and a free trial of larger accounts for 30 days. More information is at www.revit3d.com/sugar.

Original: Synchronizing Files in Folders on Laptops - WSJ.com


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