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Saturday, October 3, 2009

$1m zero-emissions building prize launched [BIM][LEED]

Seems like there's going to be a lot of potential work in green building retrofits.  Question is, who's going to be the decision maker on these projects, green building contractors or Revit/LEED architectural and engineering partnerships?
They are going to be sophisticated and challenging design, engineering and analyis projects, so it looks like the specialized technology based BIM/LEED people will be winning all of the work.

It's such a shame that in this day and age of technology, so many stubborn people refuse to invest in the tools that really make the process easier.

My dad is working now on a project for a car dealership with a number of locations.  They're finalizing a proposal that would cost $800,000 to do non invasive changes to lighting and energy management systems.  The savings are projected to be $300,000 per year.  That's a payback time of less than 3 years and will result in $3 million in savings over 10 years for energy costs.  Can you see now why I keep posting about BIM and LEED?  Our Revit, Ecotect and IES software is dead center of the tools that will be used to work on these projects. 


A competition to convert an existing concrete high-rise into a zero-emissions building has been unveiled in Barcelona by Canadian philanthropist Ron Dembo through his zerofootprint company
He hopes the International Building Re-Skinning Competition will result in a ‘cost-effective, energy efficient solution, scalable to a large number of buildings and deployed globally’.
The ZEROprize contest, which carries a $1 million prize, will judge retrofits of concrete buildings built between 1945 and 1990.
It has been prompted by the fact that buildings are responsible for 40 per cent of US greenhouse gases, and the need to find a retrofitting method that can be applied to structures across the world.
It will be judged by architects and environmentalists including Andrew Bowerbank, executive director of the World Green Building Council, and Judith DiMaio, the dean of the New York School of architecture & Design.
Dembo made his fortune designing financial software to banks before selling his business, Algorithmics, for $175 million in 2005.

$1m zero-emissions building prize launched | News | Architects Journal


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