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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Autodesk Tech Bulletin - Crashing with drawings that contain large or dense hatch objects

Published date: 2009-Oct-27
ID: TS14078167

Applies to:
AutoCAD® 2010
AutoCAD® Architecture 2010
AutoCAD® Civil 2010
AutoCAD LT® 2010
AutoCAD® MEP 2010Issue

A drawing containing large or dense hatch objects crashes when opened or when changing a layout tab.


This issue is often caused by running out of memory due to the size or density of hatches in the drawing. A workaround for this problem is to try setting the HPMAXLINES system variable to a lower value, such as the minimum value of 100. If the problem persists, try also lowering the value in the VIEWRES system variable.

Note: This problem usually presents itself in a 32-bit product. Upgrading to a 64-bit operating system and product can enable you to allocate more memory and help avoid this issue.

Another solution is to just stop using AutoCAD and start using Revit. Hatch patterns? Come on...Us contractors need an actually ceiling grid to do take offs and place equipment to get the building built. Ugh. Those darned line drawings programs.

Autodesk - AutoCAD Services & Support - Crashing with drawings that contain large or dense hatch objects


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