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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Autodesk University Video Contest - Please forward/RT and help Laura

Here's the part where I ask my readers to give back to the world.
I'd like you to help Laura win the contest to get a free pass to AU.
All you have to do is watch the video below for just a few minutes.
She's at 2162 views right now. Please forward this email to everyone you know.

I'm trying an experiment to see just how far my blog can go and help a reader in the process.
Thank you for your help.

Email I just received:

Hey Greg… I’m hitting the streets for views!

You may have heard of the Autodesk University YouTube video contest. I have entered a video and wanted to share the video with you:


This portion of the contest goes thru October 12th... then there is a 'sudden death' final round on face book. If you have a face book account, I'd love to have your vote!

Thanks for your help in sending me to AU this year. If you have any friends you can share the video with, please do.

See you at AU hopefully!

Laura S. Wood, Assoc. AIA
Virtual Design Coordinator
Nacht & Lewis Architects"


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