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Friday, October 2, 2009

Changing the Visibility Settings of Structural Bracing - Revit


I wanted to bring up a topic that I've seen generate some confusion with users. I have handled many Support Requests logged because users made modifications to the line weight, style, or color of bracing in Plan views but do not see the changes update.

In Coarse display, braces are represented by symbols that are determined in the Structural Settings dialog (click images to enlarge):

Bracing 01

Many users go to Visibility/Graphics Model Categories > Structural Framing to modify the brace settings, as shown in the following screenshot. You'll see that even though the braces are set to show Red, they're still black.

Bracing 02

This is because in Coarse representation you are controlling the display of the brace symbols, and not the actual brace geometry. Rather than being controlled in the Model Categories, the display is controlled in Visibility/Graphics > Annotation Categories > Brace in Plan View Symbols, as shown below:

Bracing 03

The Revit Clinic: Changing the Visibility Settings of Structural Bracing


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