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Friday, October 2, 2009

New Skill Builder - Revit Architecture - Work with Titleblocks

From The revit clinic:

A friend on the Revit tutorial team asked that I mention a new update here. A new Skill builder has been posted!

Check out the new skill builder: Working with Title blocks and Sheets in Revit

The tutorials are videos without sound, but do include text. The videos cover a lot of details:

  • Learn how to create a titleblock family from a template, and add a layout grid and filled regions to the titleblock.

  • Learn how to add text blocks, raster images, and labels to the titleblock family.

  • Learn how to control the visibility of the layout grid and Project Status labels, as well as how to add and assign a shared parameter to provide the information for a titleblock label.

  • Learn how to organize views and sheets in the Project Browser, and how to use alignment guides to add views to a sheet.

  • Learn how to create a drawing index and sort the index using a project parameter that you add to the project.

  • Learn how to mark and track revisions made to the document set by adding revision clouds to the view and a revision schedule to the titleblock family


Source: from The Revit Clinic


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