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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Revit Advantage Packs - About to be released

Autodesk will in the next few days be releasing some great new enhancements to all of the Revit products.

Model Review
Revit DB Link
Image Modeler
Special shortcut menus with filtering to find commands

Enhanced text editing.
Curved Beams
Slanted Columns
Slab Direction and decking.
Beam coping tool
Wood wall framing.

Interference checking of rebar
64 bit version of AutoCAD Structural Detailing

Mep performance improvements around electrical circuits.
Added temporary dimensions in layout mode. 
New content for Communications, fire safety, security, data, nurse call, power.  In all, 130 to 160 new families added. 
Wood framing extensions
Formatting shortcuts for bold, italic and underline
Enhanced bridge design tools
Bidirectional linking with Revit Structure and Civil 3D for bridges

Calculate weight and tons of steel

Revit MEP temporary dimensions

Find and replace feature
Shortcuts show up when hovering over ribbon items
Export shortuct menus for importing into other user's desktops
Model Review validates accuracy and consistency against company standards or client standards. Looks inside model to validate model and objects. Includes firm, GSA, energy modeling and content checking.

Check within current and linked model. With model review, you can correct issues like room calculation settings.  


Greg October 20, 2009 at 3:12 PM  

Some of these are for Structure and Mechanical right? Do you know which features go with which Revit version?

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