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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Autodesk Labs Utilities Piping Design Technology Preview

So much for my blogging holiday. Autodesk Labs are working overtime to add really great new technology to make systems engineering even better.


Designed to fit the existing workflows of piping system designers and engineers, Piping Design Technology Preview provides tools for defining complete piping systems and performing structural simulation to determine static and dynamic stresses and to ensure compliance with piping code allowable stress values. Piping Design Technology Preview helps designers and engineers create better, more reliable piping systems faster by offering capabilities for design, simulation, and reporting. Key features include:

  • ability to define piping layout directly in the built-in, Windows-native spreadsheet
  • a library manager to add, modify, and remove data for pipe size, material properties, allowable stress, valves, flanges, wind loads, seismic loads, pump allowables, hangers, and plastic pipe properties
  • linear static stress, natural frequency (modal), response spectrum (single and multiple), frequency response, and time history simulation tools
  • ability to display deflected shapes, forces and moments, mode shapes, support reactions, and stress contours including code stress, principal stress, longitudinal stress, and hoop stress
  • built-in checking of all results for compliance with industry-standard piping codes including:
    • ASME B31.1-2007 Power Piping
    • ASME B31.3b-2006 Process Piping
    • ASME B31.4a-2006 Pipeline Transportation Systems for Liquid Hydrocarbons and Other Liquids
    • ASME B31.8a-2000 Gas Transmission and Distribution Piping Systems
    • ASME Section III Division 1 - Subsection NC Class 2 Components (2002)
    • ASME Section III Division 1 - Subsection ND Class 3 Components (2002)
    • British Standard BS 806 (1993)
    • European Standard EN 13480-3:2002
  • formatted, customized reports which summarize input, equipment data, and simulation results including piping code allowable stress values and stress ratios

The Piping Design Technology Preview software expires on June 30, 2010.

Help Us Out

See how well Piping Design Technology Preview works for you, and be sure to tell us what you think by sending us an email, participating in the Piping Design Technology Preview discussion group, or by following the feedback links in the upper-right corner of this page.

You can also post comments on the It's Alive in the Lab blog.

Everyone is welcome

Our original plan was to make this capability an extension of Autodesk Algor Simulation 2010. Subsequently we decided to open the technology preview up to a wider audience to obtain more feedback. After all, your experience shapes our technology. The license agreement included in the installer was inadvertently overlooked in the process and still mentions Algor Simulation software. We want you to try out the Piping Design Technology Preview even though you are not a licensed user of Algor Simulation software.

Autodesk Labs Utilities Piping Design Technology Preview


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