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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Equipment Elevations (Pipe Dream) - Revit MEP

Steve, keep them coming....great stuff.  As I get more involved in BIM for contractors, these posts really help them.  After all, "Design Intent" takes on a whole new meaning when working on a BIM Building.

Repost: http://revitoped.blogspot.com/2009/11/equipment-elevations.html

Revit MEP focus again - Trying to determine what the correct elevation for equipment can be awkward when each connector is at different elevations. Sometimes a VAV, (variable air volume) or AHU, (air handling unit)or RTU (roof top unit) has connectors at really convenient (meaning really inconvenient) elevations that don't seem to relate well (or at all) to the nice clean elevations, like 9'-0' or 10'-6', that you've chosen for your duct or pipe runs.

By the way, I added the words for the acronyms for my mother. I know my typical readers know what they mean but she reads this blog too sometimes and its bad enough that most everything is gibberish anyway but I have to use acronyms too?!?

What I do is sketch a short piece of duct/pipe from a connector on the equipment so that I can cheat and use the offset parameter of the duct/pipe to raise the equipment to the correct elevation that I need (Video?).

Source: Equipment Elevations


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