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Saturday, November 7, 2009

I hope this has your "seal" of approval...at least in Florida

61G15-23.001 Seals Acceptable to the Board. (Effective 11/16/09)
(1) Pursuant to Section 471.025, F.S., the Board hereby establishes as indicated below the forms of seals which are acceptable to the Board.

(a) Any seal capable of leaving a permanent ink representation or other form of opaque and permanent impression which contains the information described herein is acceptable to the Board. 

(b) Said seal shall be a minimum of 1 7/8 inches in diameter and shall be of a design similar to those set forth below.

(c) The type of seal in the center may be used only by registrants who are in good standing under both Chapters 471 and 472, F.S.
(d) The seal may contain an abbreviated form of the licensee’s given name or a combination of initials representing the licensee’s given name provided the surname listed with the Board appears on the seal and in the signature.
(2) Embossing impression seals which otherwise comply with these provisions and which do not provide an opaque and permanent impression or permanent ink representation are also acceptable to the Board.
Rulemaking Authority 471.008, 471.025 FS. Law Implemented 471.025 FS. History–New 1-8-80, Amended 6-23-80, Formerly 21H-23.01, 21H-23.001, Amended 4-1-97, 2-5-04, 8-8-05, 11-16-09.
 The use of rubber seals does not cover computer generated seals.  In response to several calls and emails, the Rules Committee will consider computer generated seals at the next Rules Committee meeting.


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