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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

IES Unique Virtual Environment Energy Modeling Software offers an Easy to Use Interface: buildaroo.com

IES makes my favorite BIM software. It's amazing what they can do with a Revit model for sustainability calculations. Here's a little more information. Let me know if you'd ever like a demo or pricing.  This is truly inspiring software for anyone looking to get into green building design and analysis.  It is even geared towards architects early on in the process and it's not just for your engineers.  In fact, this software can save you a lot in consulting fees by allowing you to do your own building performance analysis.  Even if you don't know what you're doing or aren't an engineer, you can learn to generate calculations earlier on in the process.  This is important stuff so you really need to take a look and investigate.  There's an 8 minute video below so please take the time and familiarize yourself with this.  I promise it'll be a worthwhile investment.

From: http://buildaroo.com/news/article/ies-unique-virtual-environment-energy-modeling-software-offers-an-easy-to-use-interface/
20 November 2009

IES Virtual Environment (VE) software package allows users to quantify what they need to do to a building to make it sustainable. And the IES VE package allows users to do this in an easy to use interface. At this year’s Greenbuild conference, Don from IES walks us through the four different levels of this software with on-screen demonstration. Watch the video above to see this software in action.
VE-Pro – The core of the Virtual Environment Software. A variety of different interconnected modules are available so users can build the suite which meets their needs. Capabilities across energy/carbon, light/daylighting, solar, UK compliance, value/cost, CFD, egress and mechanical categories are covered. A central integrated data model allows analysis results and model data to be easily shared amongst applications for productivity gains, and to further inform and refine simulations. It contains information on geometry, materials, occupancy, climate and equipment.
Interconnectivity with BIM/CAD programs ensures 2D/3D models can be easily imported, using gbXML/DXF capabilities, plug-ins to Revit and SketchUp, or our tight connectivity with ArchiCAD.
VE-Ware – Completely free whole-building annual energy and carbon usage tool. Accessed by the IES plug-ins to Google SketchUp (also free) or Autodesk Revit.
VE-Toolkits – The IES VE-Toolkits are ideal for very early stage indicative feedback, when time is short and answers need to be rapid. A variety of VE-Toolkits offer different capabilities – automatically running the chosen analysis and generating interactive visual and rich-text reports within minutes, and all at the press of just a few buttons. Technical selections are also made straightforward with pre-populated choices.
VE-Gaia - VE-Gaia’s complete workflow environment is driven by “step-by-step” smart navigation that opens wide the power of IES analysis. A series of Navigators guide users through a range of tasks; from advanced modelling, to energy/carbon analysis, to LEED credit interrogation. Weaving a clear route through the analysis process, from modelling to reportage, users can easily undertake complex advanced simulations. Designers can track progress, control quality, iterate workflows, trigger simulations, filter results and produce automated visual and rich-text reports.

Video Link here
IES Unique Virtual Environment Energy Modeling Software offers an Easy to Use Interface: buildaroo.com


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