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Thursday, November 19, 2009

KlingStubbins, Tocci part of $30 million GSA BIM contract- 11/16/2009 2:18:00 PM - Building Design & Construction

Gee, I don't know why I love finding, reading and posting stories like these. I guess it's since I've been offering (pushing/forcing/demanding) BIM to my customers for 5 years now and it's quite validating to see the progress that companies who have embraced it are actually benefiting from it.

It does always lead me to ponder the question of "what about the others". The way I figure it, if Autodesk has 8 million active customers, then probably 40% of them are in the AEC industry just to be conservative. That means that would be 3.2 million seats of AutoCAD out there. Let's say that 50% of those are in the US. That's 1.6 million seats of AutoCAD being used. I'll divide that by 50 states so there are 32,000 per each state. Then we'll hypothesize that there are two Autodesk resellers per state giving each 16,000 people to train in Revit. Let's say they each have to trainers that can teach 10 people each per week which would take 800 weeks or 15 years to train. Just for fun, let's now add in all of the contractors, subcontractors, manufacturers and fabricators who are moving into BIM so we'll add another 1 million people for the US.

My point is very simple. If you haven't started moving to Revit by now, you're screwed. We already have a long line out the door of contractors and subcontractors getting Revit and Navisworks training. We also just started a project for a manufacturer which has tied up 8 people for 5 months. There just aren't enough Revit techs out there to support all the Rewbies (Revit Newbies) , scratch that, I'm going with Bewbies (BIM newbies) - that has more of a 3D sound to it.

Here's where I do some shameful self marketing. I'm a general contractor. Our company, CADD Centers of Florida is the oldest Autodesk reseller in the US. If you haven't seen my BIMcycle.com page of all of the BIM products we offer as a complete solution, please take a look. I have a few more companies to add to the list, including Graitec who we just signed up with (and you can visit at AU). We do BIM and IPD consulting for architects, engineers, contractors and subcontractors. Make sure your reseller has Revit trainers who have been doing this for at least a year or two. Make sure they know construction. We are also the only reseller in Florida who sells and implements Ecotect and IES. You've seen my blog posts about green building so that's a huge one. We're swamped with BIM training, modeling and consulting.

There's going to be a long line of people rushing to get their training and implementation. Supply and demand would mean that prices would go up. Look at what Tocci and KlingStubbins have been doing. They're reality is your future. I love BIM. I love the idea of the massive database of information shareable around the world and that it's so rich with construction data. 2D or not 2D, that is the question.


Building Design and Construction

KlingStubbins and Tocci Building Corporation have been selected as a prime contractor team to participate in a $30M, five-year contract to provide Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services for the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA).

KlingStubbins and Tocci will provide design and construction related BIM consulting services for new and renovation projects on Federal buildings located in the New England, Northeast & Caribbean, Mid-Atlantic, Washington DC, Rocky Mountain, Pacific Rim and Northwest and Arctic GSA regions. Task orders expected will include multi-disciplinary building information modeling, design and construction analysis, cost and schedule analysis, laser scanning and surveying, and BIM training and support program development.

Tocci and KlingStubbins developed and submitted the competitive proposal with select co-partners; all of whom are industry recognized leaders in BIM-enabled design, construction and engineering related services. Partners include Autodesk, Inc.; Bentley Systems Incorporated; EMCOR Group companies; Faithful + Gould; J.C. Cannistraro Inc.; Metco Services; Raymond L. Goodson, Jr., Inc.; Simpson Gumpertz & Heger; WSP Group Companies.

KlingStubbins, Tocci part of $30 million GSA BIM contract- 11/16/2009 2:18:00 PM - Building Design & Construction


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