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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kohler Ronan Chooses IES For its Flexibility and Versatility [LEED]

Another LEED firm with a happy ending because they've invested in the technology necessary to be on the cutting edge.


Comparative analysis at an early design stage provides ability to make strategic recommendations

We announced today that Kohler Ronan selected our because of its versatility and flexibility. IES allows Kohler Ronan to interact with the architect during the early project design stages providing results for “what-if” scenarios that aid in the development of the building.

Regardless of whether or not a project is pursuing LEED certification, Kohler Ronan evaluates the environmental performance and impact of each and every project from a “whole building” perspective by challenging, evaluating and collaborating with the design team on building orientation, envelope, fenestration, shading and indoor air quality. Early in the design process, system alternatives are examined and evaluated against project goals in order to maximize affordable sustainability, thanks in part to IES software.

“We chose IES over other solutions we evaluated because the proved to be the most flexible through the entire design process,” said Jay Kohler, P.E. and Partner-in-Charge of Sustainable Design for Kohler Ronan. “IES’ allows us to make changes and collaborate freely at the earliest design phases. As the project design develops, so does the model. This process allows us to confidently recommend specific strategies for implementation throughout the project.”

Currently, Kohler Ronan is utilizing IES for a new state-of-the-art performing arts center. The Kohler Ronan team is modeling the thermal behavior of the envelope under various conditions to optimize its performance. In order to predict complex air flow in and around the center, Kohler Ronan needed a CFD analysis to determine proper diffuser design and placement for the air delivery system within the main auditorium and stage. Through the graphic output, IES’ software provides easy-to-understand results, which enabled Kohler Ronan to quickly implement decisions early in the design process.

“The results our software provided for Kohler Ronan enabled them to work directly with the architects, and in certain scenarios in real-time to make the beneficial changes for the performing arts center design,” said Kevin Settlemyre, president of IES North America. “The importance of building performance analysis is becoming more and more prevalent with engineers, as they see the value of interacting with architects from the earliest stages of the process.”

About Kohler Ronan:
Kohler Ronan, LLC Consulting Engineers is a multi-disciplined firm dedicated to providing exceptional Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection engineering design services. From offices in Danbury, CT and New York, NY, Kohler Ronan collaborates with prominent architectural firms on a wide array of regional and nationally recognized project assignments. Commissions include those for world renowned Museums, Fine and Performing Arts Centers, as well as prestigious Universities, state-of-the-art Educational facilities, Luxury Residences, and Corporate & Government buildings. Kohler Ronan is proud of its extensive expertise and innovative approach in the field of Sustainable Design and is a member of the US Green Building Council. Please visit www.kohlerronan.com to learn more.

Kohler Ronan Chooses IES For its Flexibility and Versatility


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