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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Revit Tips and Tricks: 3d Cropped Sections

I have to say, my favorite feature of Revit is the 3D sections. Nothing puts 2D sections more to shame than the actual cut through of a building where you can see how it really goes together.

One of the biggest potential problems with this is that you really need to know how buildings go together. As BIM takes over the AEC industry, the need to move away from CAD operators becomes very apparent in the picture below. I think I understand why so many drafters are against Revit. Principals are against it too since they'd need to spend more on higher salaried "model" employees. Of course they'd need fewer people since Revit is more productive, but that conversation doesn't always go so well.

As my friend Larry said recently "BIM is no substitute for experience." So, there you have it. Experience, knowledge and construction know how. The future of your industry depends on it and this one little feature of Revit really cuts through the BS of 2D line drafting. A picture is worth a thousand words and a model is worth a million words.

Repost: http://overrevit.blogspot.com/2009/11/3d-cropped-sections.html
Here is an interesting 3d section done in Revit. 3d sections are a great way to look at a specific point in your model, without having to hide lots of elements. But how was it done?

This is very easy to do. First, create a section and drag the crop lines to encompass where you want to be looking. Give that section a name so that it is easy to find in the list.

Then, under "3D Views" duplicate the {3D} view with detailing, and give it a name. Click in the 3d window, then goto the "View" pulldown. Select "Orient - to other view". You will get a popup of all of the views in the model. Select the section you created earlier.

That's it. You can select the section cut, and drag the arrows to move the cut lines.

Source: Revit Tips and Tricks: 3d Cropped Sections


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